Marketing Strategies In The Fitness Industry

The fitness industry has been booming more than ever. The time has come to give up all those traditional marketing gimmicks and switch over to some of the modern fitness marketing tricks and tactics. Here are some personal trainer marketing tips and techniques, strategies and ideas that you may find useful for your fitness business.

Marketing in the Fitness Industry Tips and Techniques

* Firstly, be passionate about your job. If you love your job, you should train your existing clients with great care. Once you do that, referrals will soon start flooding in. Give complete attention to your clients and encourage them to gain a perfect body shape. This itself will help market your fitness services.

* Do not be rude to your existing clients. They will not only stop availing your services but will also spread negative statements about you. This will bring a bad name to your gym and stop others from enrolling. Have patience, control your temper and treat your clients with respect and warmth.

* Design some hot and glamorous fitness packages, like Planet Fitness does to attract clients (Planet Fitness actually has some amazing membership deals). This may be one of the most important fitness marketing strategies for your gym or fitness center. Offer complete details about these programs and packages to your existing clients so that they spread the word.

* You may be missing out on loads of money by not understanding what exactly clients want from their gym trainer. Try to understand their psyche and offer what they are looking for. Along with this, make your clients feel comfortable. Everything becomes easy when you know what they want and why they want that.

Metrics Based New Client Acquisition for Gyms

* Follow a fitness-centered lifestyle and ask your clients to adopt it to remain healthy and slim all through their life. Almost two-third Americans are obese or overweight. They are looking for someone who can guide them regarding health matters. Try to set an example so that they can relate to it. This increases your popularity and helps in fetching more clients.

* Remember it’s all about people. Try to build your network of clients so that you can get more business by word of mouth. Being present on networking and blogging sites is an important requirement these days. Be in touch with your old clients as they may help you in fitness marketing and also send you some referrals.

* Boot camp marketing can be effective if you go belly to belly and get in front of people and encourage open-ended discussions so that they can share what they feel and what they require. The success of your business marketing plan will depend on your strategy, and therefore you may need to follow these tips to get the right one. Working in a health and fitness business can be rewarding, and the best reward is helping people reach their fitness goals. It can be very lucrative. However, it can be tough to launch this type of business.


With any business, your success will depend on how well your advertising converts to new clients. There are many dimension to the health and fitness industry. It’s more than just discounts and deals.


If you look around you, improving health is a good reason to start an exercise program, but it’s usually not the #1 reason people get a personal trainer. Most are looking to look better. That was that sexy, tight and desirable body. The health benefits are a bonus. This is why you’ve got to focus your fitness business on the vanity side of the business in your marketing plan.


This means that you should be stressing the positive side of joining a fitness center or working with a personal trainer. Way too many negative messages are used to promote fitness; they make it tough to be in new members. Most of the time the negative message was not intentional, but the language used was so negative that it undermines the campaign. A great example would be: “Don’t be embarrassed on the beach, get fit with us.” It just brings on the wrong sentiment. You’re making people unhappy with themselves.


A fitness center will do more than making people feel good. It will make them look good, and this needs to always be the message in the ad literature/campaign. Once again, it is important to stress this information and do so without calling attention to anything negative. For more information regarding all things fitness, nutrition and equipment, visit